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1. Michigan Adventure Boot Camp (MIABC) was founded and incorporated in 2007 by David Krainiak with the inaugural camp running January 2008 at the International School in Farmington Hills, MI. This camp launched with 10 women many of whom are still loyal MIABC “campers”.

2. MIABC is the only officially certified boot camp company in Michigan. Although there are several other “in-name only” boot camps, these are run by personal trainers that have not been trained or certified to instruct a large group with multiple fitness levels. MIABC is a certified boot camp company that specializes in women’s physical fitness. MIABC trainers do have clients that they train one-on-one, but are “Boot Camp” certified for women-only group fitness.

3 In 2007, David Krainiak was going through a cross roads in his life and was pursuing a career as an Arizona State Trooper. With his interviewing and training almost complete, the details for making this idea manifest was overwhelming. He decided to take his passion and experience with business and fitness to create MIABC. When he shared his vision for a 1 hour a day business model which outlined his idea for hiring and training coaches to duplicate his program and spread it across MI, everyone, including his family, expressed doubts and concerns, he was even ridiculed by friends.

4 MIABC is now one of the most successful boot camp companies in the country!! It is a progressive, 4 week, boot camp program with a “Beginning” and an “End” in which several tests and methods are used to measure your “Results” and keep track of your progress.

5 David Krainiak created a very successful and unique way to teach boot camp in which as many as 60 women of all fitness levels can workout effectively, safely and achieve great results. The size of our camps are without rival by others.

6. It is a fact that as much as 70-80% of small businesses go out of business within their first 5 years. With the deterioration of the economy, the rise of unemployment and MI being rated as one of the worst states to do business in, MIABC continues to flourish. MIABC has launched 5 locations since its inception in 2008 and now has 6 locations with more coming. By the end of 2011, 5000 women will have attended David’s camps.

7. Each Camp location is operated in the same “franchise-like” fashion. David is very particular about each and every detail of his camps and offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee. David has created a very unique program and style of training that can only be found at Michigan’s Adventure Boot Camp. Very specific policies, procedures, DVD’s, and manuals, have been created. Each Boot Camp Coach is given a detailed pre-made workout for each day to ensure effectiveness and consistency. He takes great measure to be confident that each camp is taught the way he intended. Trainers are not hired to teach their own method or style. They are hired to implement the MIABC program.

8. MIABC boasts an 80% retention rate.

9. MIABC runs 10 camps a year and all camps are at the same 5:30-6:30 am time-frame and follow the same calendar. The entire layout, policies and procedures are all done the same in order to convey the same messages and foster a “team” mentality no matter which location you attend. Being a member of MIABC is truly a positive and empowering experience filled with a network of amazing women!

10 David emails his camp each morning with a detailed follow-up of the morning’s primary focus and work-out. This e-mail also contains tips, nutritional information and David’s “3 Mindless Tasks” for the day. This e-mail is shared with all MIABC trainers so each registered camper receives this information which serves as a valuable tool for achieving the best results possible.

11 David Krainiak is well known throughout the country among other top fitness professionals. In fact, some of most respected fitness pros in the industry refer other fitness owners to David for business consulting and program development.

12 David created this company with a specific niche in mind and never intended to be “all things to all people” like Walmart. He created his camps at 5:30 am to cater to busy women; professionals, whether they work from home or an office, stay-at-home moms and women who are serious about results! Our studies have shown that women who commit to our 5:30 am camps have a much higher success rate than joining evening classes at gyms, etc. We have found that it’s simply way too easy to come up with excuses not to work out by the time 7pm rolls around. By 6:30am women in our camps have already achieved something significant and accomplished more than many people will all day.

13. MIABC had an unfortunate experience and fell victim to unscrupulous activity by a previous Trainer which resulted in a loss of tens of thousands of dollars. This unethical practice will never be tolerated and very specific safeguards have been put in place to protect MIABC. David firmly believes his “lessons learned” during this experience will serve him well in protecting himself as well as his valued members.

14. David’s Trainers are brought on board with no prior boot-camp experience. They go through the MIABC “internship” where they are specifically trained for women’s boot-camp fitness. They gain real-work experience before they are assigned a camp. “We let them participate, train them and give them opportunities to substitute until we believe they can handle their own camp.” David is also a firm believer in hiring from within his organization believing this is far superior method in keeping moral high and being able to reciprocate the loyalty an aspiring coach has shown him while a camp participant. Currently 2 of MIABC Coaches were previous Campers who were inspired enough to pursue training and become involved with MIABC. They have been valuable additions to David’s team!

15 Boot Camp Coaches can actually make a full time income working just 5 to 7 hours a week teaching the MIABC program.

16 MIABC began as Oakland County’s Adventure Boot Camp and as we expanded, it became what is now known as Michigan’s Adventure Boot Camp.

17 MIABC currently has upwards of 90 Platinum Campers.

18 MIABC receives written testimonials from happy Campers weekly.

19 The oldest women who successfully completed our MIABC program were 68 years old.

20 MIABC Women “Commit to Be Fit…Rain or Shine!!” MIABC women show up every morning with determination so they can go to bed with satisfaction

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