Monday, October 17, 2011

Hot Jeans Workout for Women

(WJBK) - David Krainiak, owner of Michigan's Adventure Boot Camp for Women, has developed the following workout designed to strengthen your core and trim inches off your waist.


•Perform this workout on non-consecutive days and allow 2-3 days in between workouts.

•Do all exercises in a row and spend no longer than 30 seconds recovering between exercises.

•Keep the repetition range between 12-20 repetitions or timed from 30-45 seconds.

Beginners = 1 set, 2 times a week

Intermediate = 2 sets, 2 times a week

Advanced = 3 sets, 2 times a week

Exercises for the Tranverse Abdominis (TVA Muscles)

1.Vacuum Exercise (Core/Butt/Abs) Can take inches off in as little as a few weeks with proper eating habits. Practice holding for as long as you can for sets or you can do them throughout the day. Try to hold for 40 seconds while sitting on the edge of your chair. This exercise will develop the TVA which is responsible for a firm belly and midsection. Concentrate on bringing in the navel as close as you can to your lower back and blowing out all the air while expanding the ribcage.

2.Plank with Leg Lift - Will also help work the deep TVA muscles responsible for a flat belly.

3.Lay flat on belly and add in scissors (hamstrings)

4.Curtsy or squat with leg lift (thighs)

5.Deadlift (hamstrings)

6.Step Ups (thighs)

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