Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2 New Great Products!

As I promised previously Im going to start adding foods or products that I personally use that I think are worth knowing about. As I mentioned in a previous post about protein powders I mentioned one that I use and said I would add more to this blog as time goes on to save you a lot of time, money and frustration when shopping. I would say that most of the protein powders and food bars out there are of poor quality and I would not put them in my body. I would proably eat a Snickers bar before I consumed some of these "healthy food bars".

The two products that I am going to mention may or may not be the best out there but they are definitely the better quality products out there. I was at Better Health this evening and picked up "Jay Robb" Whey Protein Powder which is a cold processed cross flow microfiltered whey protein. It mixes easily, tastes great and has no sugar or fat.

Protein bars, fiber bars or food bars are easy to consume, convenient for people who are busy like myself and may be the better alternative for you as opposed to going through a drive through or not eating at all. I keep these in my car so I can always keep my metabolism moving while Im out and it avoids having to eat junk food.
I eat these bars sparingly but when I do I normally choose to eat a high fiber bar and choose one with the lowest amount of sugar I can find. The fiber bars I eat are called "Flavor and Fiber" which are organic, delicious, fairly low in sugar, and contain a whopping 12 grams of fiber per bar. The banana or cranberry ones are great. Remember to read the labels, many of these bars contain as much as 50 grams of sugar a bar.

If you have any questions regarding certain foods or supplements feel free to send me your questions.

Your Friend in Fitness,
David Krainiak